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“Nothing in Your Eyes”

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Born Again Virgin

“Ever listen to a song and feel as though you’re listening to something you shouldn’t? Not because it’s taboo but because it feels like you’re eavesdropping, getting a glimpse behind the curtain of the creative process. That’s the sensation provoked by Born Again Virgin’s “Quantify,” the lead off track from their eponymous debut EP. Before we’ve heard her sing a single phrase, we hear Anna Roenigk casually strum her guitar and ask “Should I start from the beginning?” then utter a few non-verbal sounds. That false start sets an intensely intimate tone for the song after, the gentle strums and slow build up of the band adding to the effect, fitting for a song about reservations and struggling to find confidence in your voice. But Roenigk’s own voice is commanding and clear, cutting through the mix even as the band gets rowdier, turning eavesdroppers into a participatory audience, shifting discomfort into a warm welcome.”
- Nick Hanover, OVRLD
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